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The City of Queens

Veszprém [ˈvɛspreːm] lies between the Bakony (Transdanubian Mountains) and the Lake Balaton, on both sides of the creek Séd. The city has rich history and favorable location, which makes it an interesting destination all the year.

On the Castle Hill you'll find the Veszprém Cathedral, the Episcopal Palace and the Holy Trinity Square, the Statue of King Stephen I. and Queen Gisela and the Fire-watch Tower.

Under the St. Benedict Hill you'll find the Lover's Isle and the Ruins of Margit's Church, after that comes the St. Stephen viaduct, the Kittenberger Kálmán Zoo and Botanical Garden and the Herd Hill - which is suitable for active programs such as hiking or geocaching.

There are cultural events as well: there are two theaters and in summer we have Rosé, Risling and Jazz Days, Veszprémfest and Streetmusic Festival.

For the gourmets Veszprém offers several excellent restaurants and cafés as well.

Of course the Lake Balaton is close too: less than half an hour by car. Balatonfűzfő, Balatonalmádi, Balatonfüred and Csopak all have beautiful beaches.